Which country has most libraries? (2024)

Which country has most libraries?

The United States has the most libraries in the world, with over 115,000 public, school, academic, and special libraries. In terms of libraries per capita, Finland is often cited as having the most libraries per capita, with a strong emphasis on public libraries and a high number of libraries per 100,000 people.

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What country has the most librarians?

At the national level, China has the largest single number of academic librarians (111023), followed by the United States (85752).

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What is the world's No 1 biggest library?

The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world with millions of items a variety of formats.

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Does every country have public libraries?

Public libraries exist in many countries across the world and are often considered an essential part of having an educated and literate population.

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Which state has highest number of libraries?

Number of public libraries in India - by State/UT
  • 12,191. Number of public libraries in Maharashtra as of Jun 2023.
  • 8,415. Number of public libraries in Kerala as of Jun 2023.
  • 6,798. Number of public libraries in Karnataka as of Jun 2023.
  • 5,251. Number of public libraries in West Bengal as of Jun 2023.
  • 4,622. ...
  • 3,646. ...
  • 978. ...
  • 845.
Jul 17, 2023

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Who uses libraries most?

Yes, those selfie-snapping, blog-posting millennials are the generation most likely to visit a public library, according to a report out this week. The Pew Research Center report found that 53% of millennials ages 18 to 35 last fall said they have used a public library or bookmobile within the last year.

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What is the most secret library in the world?

One of the most famous of these is the Vatican Secret Archives, now known officially as the Vatican Apostolic Archives. These archives are made up of over 50 miles of underground shelves and vaults, and, for hundreds of years, access to the books and documents within was highly restricted.

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What is the most famous library in the world?

Some libraries are a little more well-known, of course. Here are 25 of the most famous ones the planet is home to. The Library Of Congress – This is certainly the most famous and the largest library in the world. Open to the public, it is basically the national library of the United States.

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What is the oldest library in the world?

Al-Qarawiyyin library in Fez, Morocco, is the world's oldest, continuously running library. It dates back to 859 AD. The library is part of the complex that includes Qarawiyyin Mosque and Qarawiyyin University.

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Which city has the most bookstores in the world?

Number of bookstores per capita
  • With 35.97 bookstores per 100,000 people, Lisbon is the city with the most bookstores per capita.
  • Lisbon has more bookstores per capita than the runner up, Melbourne, Australia, taking second place with 33.9 bookstores per 100,000 people.
Feb 20, 2023

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Are there more public libraries than McDonald's in the US?

If you have ever felt overwhelmed by the ubiquity of McDonald's, this stat may make your day: There are more public libraries (about 17,000) in America than outposts of the burger mega-chain (about 14,000 ).

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Does China have public libraries?

There are well established library systems in mainland China, led by the National Library of China (NLC), which is the largest library in Asia, housing the largest collection of Chinese books in the world. There are about 3,000 public libraries in China at the provincial, city and county levels all over the country.

Which country has most libraries? (2024)
What US city has the largest public library?

The largest public library in the United States and the second largest library in the world is the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., which is the de facto national library of the United States.

Which state has the least libraries?

Delaware is the only remaining US state with less than 50 public libraries on disposal (35). 6 other states (North Dakota, Alaska, Nevada, Wyoming, Rhode Island, and Hawaii) have under 100 public libraries operational.

Who built the most libraries in America?

One of 19th-century industrialist Andrew Carnegie's many philanthropies, these libraries entertained and educated millions. Between 1886 and 1919, Carnegie's donations of more than $40 million paid for 1,679 new library buildings in communities large and small across America.

Which countries read the most books?

People in India, Thailand, and China spend the most hours reading books per week.

Where is the biggest library in the US?

The Library of Congress, of course! Built in 1800 in Washington, D.C., it's the largest library in the world in both shelf space and number of books. The Library of Congress is the official research library of the United States Congress.

What percent of Americans go to libraries?

Between use of library websites and in-person visits to libraries or bookmobiles, half (49%) of all Americans ages 16 or older have had been library users of some sort in the past 12 months.

Who has the largest library in the world?

The Library of Congress, founded in 1800, is a book lover's dream. With 164 million items and 1,350 kilometers of bookshelves, it's the world's largest library.

What percent of Americans go to the library?

Table of Contents. Americans' use of public libraries has fluctuated in recent years, and this survey shows that just under half of all those age 16 and older (48%) say they have visited a public library or bookmobile in person in the prior year.

What is the most stolen book in public libraries?

Answer: The “Guinness Book of World Records” holds the record for being the book most often stolen from public libraries. (Thanks to Sam Harrod of Eureka for the fact.)

Why does the CIA have a library?

The CIA's library is a valuable resource to Agency employees and is available to Agency personnel only. It contains approximately 125,000 books and subscribes to about 1,700 periodicals. The library maintains three collections: Reference, Circulating, and Historical Intelligence.

What is the greatest lost library?

The loss of the ancient world's single greatest archive of knowledge, the Library of Alexandria, has been lamented for ages. But how and why it was lost is still a mystery. The mystery exists not for lack of suspects but from an excess of them.

What library has every book in the world?

"The Library of Babel" (Spanish: La biblioteca de Babel) is a short story by Argentine author and librarian Jorge Luis Borges (1899–1986), conceiving of a universe in the form of a vast library containing all possible 410-page books of a certain format and character set.

What famous library burned down?

The Great Library of Alexandria was a massive, ancient library. It was part of a research institute known as the “Museum” in Alexandria, Egypt. The library is shrouded in mystery, from its founding to its destruction and everything in between.


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