Which types of funds do you offer? (2024)

We offer a wide range of funds, which can be broadly split into these categories:

LifeStrategy funds
Five ready-made portfolios combining multiple index funds into one. Each offers a different asset mix of bonds and shares.Learn more about LifeStrategy funds.

Target Retirement funds
A choice of ready-made portfolios that gradually change their asset mix over time, as you approach retirement.Learn more about Target Retirement funds.

Index funds
Also known as ‘tracker funds’ and ‘passive funds’, each index fund aims to track the performance of a given markets index, such as the FTSE 100.Learn more about index funds.

Active funds
Rather than tracking a given market like an index fund an active fund tries to beat the market.Learn more about active funds.

Low-fee funds that can be bought and sold on the stock market.Learn more about ETFs.

ESG funds
Funds that track market indices that filter out certain companies based on ‘environmental, social and governance’ criteria.Learn more about ESG funds.

Money market funds
A low risk fund that aim to preserve rather than grow your savings – by investing in things like short-term bonds and other money market instruments.Learn more about money market funds.

Which types of funds do you offer? (2024)


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