What Is a Cashier's Check: How & Where to Get Them (2024)

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If someone has requested payment from you via a cashier’s check, you may have wondered, “What exactly is a cashier’s check?”

What Is a Cashier's Check: How & Where to Get Them (1)

Also called a cashier check or bank draft, a cashier’s check is a check that is issued and guaranteed by a bank. Here’s a look at why you might want to use a cashier’s check and how to get one the next time someone requests that form of payment.

What's different about a cashier's check?

With a cashier check, the bank itself guarantees the funds from the bank's own account rather than your personal account. Since the bank stands behind the check, it is a safer form of payment than one coming from a personal bank account.

When do I need one?

There are many situations where you may find a cashier’s check useful or even required. Some people ask for one when they want to make sure a check won’t bounce. Say, for example, you’re buying a used car from a private party. You don’t want to walk around with the cash for your payment, and the person selling the car may be uncomfortable taking a personal check from a stranger.

A cashier’s check is a great solution for both parties. For one thing, you don’t have to worry about carrying a large amount of cash. And, as long as the check is authentic, it’s guaranteed by the bank that wrote it so you don’t have to worry if it’s going to clear.

Other times when it might be handy to use a cashier’s check include:

  • When you are leaving a large deposit for a home purchase or rental.
  • When you are closing one bank account but haven’t opened another (such as changing banks or moving a long distance).
  • When a person or merchant won’t accept a personal check or cash.

How and where do I get a cashier's check?

Now that you know what a cashier check is, you may ask, “Where can I get a cashier’s check?”

Have the exact amount and recipient's name.

First, you need to know the exact amount for the check. Double check the amount and write it down if necessary because this amount cannot be changed once the cashier’s check has been printed.

You also need to have the recipient’s name, whether it is a person, a store, or another kind of business. Because a bank is guaranteeing the check, they don’t want to leave the payee’s name blank or have the cashier’s check made out to “cash.”

Visit a nearby bank branch.

Next, go to your local bank branch or credit union. If you are a Huntington customer, use our branch locator to find one convenient for you. You can use the branch locatorto get directions for where to get a cashier check, as well as to check the hours for that particular location. Note: Huntington only provides cashier's checks to current account holders.

Pay the check amount.

Once at the bank, you will pay the teller the amount you want the cashier’s check made out for. You may pay with cash or, if you are a customer of the bank, the funds will be withdrawn immediately from your account.

The bank will then print the check to the person or business you have indicated in the amount you requested. It only takes a few minutes, and you can use the check right away.

You may be asked if you want anything included on the memo line of the check. It can be helpful to add a memo if you are using multiple cashier’s checks or if the recipient of the check requests one.

Is there a fee for a cashier's check?

Most banks charge a small fee for issuing a cashier’s check, typically less than $10. Most people requesting a cashier’s check find it worth this nominal charge for the convenience of not having to carry cash with them for large purchases or deposits. When you pay for a cashier’s check with cash, make sure you have enough to cover the fee. If you plan to pay directly from your bank account, again, be sure there is enough money in the account to pay the fee as well.

Now that you know how to get a cashier check, you’ll probably find a great use for one soon enough. For more questions about using cashier’s checks for your personal or small business transactions, visit any Huntington branch.

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What Is a Cashier's Check: How & Where to Get Them (2024)


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