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The department Sanctions Detection is responsible for global transaction filtering and name screening, including model development. The Tech4FEC domain focuses on automation and innovation, leading model development and workflow tooling. Enjoy an Employee Benefit Budget, flexible working hours, and a comprehensive pension scheme. Join us in an open, inclusive culture where your unique contributions are valued. Read on to see how your skills fit into this role.

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The department Sanctions Detection is responsible for sanctions global transaction filtering and name screening, including activities related to the Global Name Screening project as well as model development for Transaction Filtering and Name Screening. You will work in a challenging, international environment where 16 squads while ensuring strong partnerships with our vendors and sourcing partners. Your scope is not limited to just the Netherlands as your solutions also serve our wholesale and rural operations across the globe.

The domain Tech4FEC is responsible for automation and innovation across the FEC domain, including overall IT system support. The main focus is to lead model development and workflow tooling – including Data & Analytics product development for Sanctions.

Top responsibilities:

  • Develop capabilities and skills to ensure that they remain relevant and professional in product development within the tribes, mind-set to steer on improved engineering journeys and with this responsible for Engagement and Agile maturity
  • Develop area maturity and guide expanded growth of the real-time detection areas

Together we achieve more than alone: We believe in the power of difference. Bringing together people's differences is what makes us an even better bank. So we are very curious about what you can bring to the sanctions leadership team. We do this in an open, inclusive and informal culture where everyone can be themselves and is appreciated for who they are. Working together is the way we work: as one goal-oriented team at Rabobank.

Talking of Rabobank: we are a Dutch bank that operates in 38 countries for over 9,5 million customers. Together with these customers, our members and partners we stand side by side to create a world in which everyone has access to enough healthy food. In the Netherlands we work to create a country in which people are happy with how they live, work and do business.

Duur: 27 juni 2024 - 31 mei 2025 met optie op verlenging
Aanbieden kan tot: 25 juni 2024 om 15:00

Functie Eisen

  • HBO, Master or PhD degree
  • Data and computational literate
  • 3 year of product owner and scrum responsible managing complex products/projects, collaborating across a large organization
  • Proven experience with scrum master, product delivery, product backlog, scrum and stakeholder management
  • Experience in creating scrum teams and mature product roadmaps
  • Experience in guiding and motivating multidisciplinary teams without hierarchical responsibility
  • Model/scrum experience with relevant frameworks, processes and network

We will hold the interviews through a video call and on site.


Sharing would be appricatied! Paylaşırsanız sevinirim! Do you want to work for our client in The Netherlands? Hollandada ICT alaninda calismak?

Let’s meet! Are you the person we’re looking for?

If you are, we are happy to receive your application including your motivation.

Growing a better world together: You'll already be aware that our client is a financial services provider for 7.1 million customers in 40 countries. But did you know that we aim to contribute to real change with our 'Growing a better world together' mission? We do so in countless ways, such as:

A third of all the food we purchase is thrown away. Together with Nature & Environment, we’re working to increase awareness among consumers of how to reduce food waste. As part of a project with Humanitas, we are helping people who are experiencing financial difficulties to get their household finances in order. Together with ‘Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland’ (the Dutch Council for Refugees), we are helping 1,500 refugees find a suitable job. Interested? Do you want to become the ideal version of yourself? We would love to help you fuel and invest in your career and ambitions in an environment where you keep learning every day. We give you the space to innovate and initiate. In this way, we offer you numerous opportunities to grow and help you exceed your expectations, to do the right thing exceptionally well, and to therefore grow as a professional.

Our client is a financial service provider for 7.1 million customers in 40 countries, you know already. Our Red Team works for all the locations of our client in all these countries. Do you also know that we are working together on a better world? We do this in 101 ways like for example our knowledge and experience of Ethical Hacking and Red Teaming sharing with other organizations and "hackers". That belongs to us at ' growing a better world together '


Working conditions: This job role offers a balanced split between operational (run) and project (build) work, with a distribution of 75% operational and 25% project-related tasks. To minimize the impact on business operations, some changes may be scheduled outside of regular business hours.

Do you want this too? Do you aspire to be the best version of yourself? We are delighted to support your development and invest in an environment where continuous learning is encouraged. We provide you with the freedom to innovate and take initiative. By offering numerous growth opportunities, we help you exceed your own expectations and excel in your work, enabling you to grow both personally and professionally.

Moreover, you can expect the following benefits based on a 36 or 40-hour working week:

  • An Employee Benefit Budget equivalent to 10% of your monthly income, which you can use according to your preferences. This budget allows you to purchase additional holiday days or make additional contributions to your pension.
  • Flexible working hours and the possibility of location-independent work, depending on the team's planning.
  • 100% reimbursem*nt of commuting costs if you travel using public transportation. If you commute by car or motorcycle, you can opt for a commuting allowance.
  • A pension scheme with a contribution rate of only 5% from your side.

Let's get to know each other.

Are you the person we are looking for? The new colleague who wants to strengthen our client's team and make a difference for yourself, our customers, and society? We would love to receive your application for this vacancy.

Please note: Even if you don't meet all the criteria mentioned in the profile, but you believe you can fulfill the role effectively, we encourage you to apply. We invest in your growth and development.

Responses to applications are handled in accordance with our vacancy management process.

If you have any questions about the application process, ww will be happy to assist you via email (via de button "Solliciteer nu" op deze pagina.) office +31 10 210 87 90 or through the provided application link.

Screening is a standard part of the application process. We assess candidates based on the screening procedures followed by our client to ensure that new employees are reliable and suitable for their roles.

For this vacancy, an individual assessment and skills testing may be included as part of the application process.

We believe that everyone is unique, and it is precisely these differences that help us become an even better bank. That's why we are curious to know more about you.


Goed en juist gekwalificeerd personeel inzetten aan de hand van een duidelijke, eerlijke en vooral betrouwbare werkwijze, dat is Transparant Recruitment. We ontzorgen onze opdrachtgevers op elk mogelijk vlak in hun zoektocht naar de perfecte kandidaat.Transparant Recruitment denkt mee en is zeer flexibel. Door onze specialistische kennis in de recruitmentwereld kunnen wij sneller handelen en binnen korte tijd grote stappen maken.

Productmanager | Utrecht | IF Solutions | (2024)


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