PAID POLITICAL AD: 35 things to know about Phil Lyman who wants to be Utah's next governor (2024)

On June 25, Utahns will have their final opportunity to cast their ballots in the 2024 Republican primary. One of the most important races on the docket this year is the race for governor, where Utah Representative Phil Lyman is challenging incumbent Spencer Cox. Here are 35 reasons why you should vote for Phil Lyman:

1. Advocacy for tax relief

Lyman is committed to implementing meaningful tax cuts to alleviate Utah's tax burden.

2. Education reform

Lyman wants to return schools to their traditional role of teaching foundational academics.

3. Flying high

With a private pilot's license under his belt, Lyman is no stranger to the skies.

4. No stranger to commitment

Phil met his wife Jody when he was in 8th grade.

5. Convention triumph

At the Republican State Convention, Lyman secured 67.5% of the vote, while Cox earned 32.5%, according to the Deseret News. This outpouring of support demonstrated strong grassroots backing.

6. International experience

As a young man, Phil served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in South Africa, where he learned that he loves ginger beer.

7. Immigration policy

Lyman pledges to halt policies that incentivize illegal immigration into Utah.

8. Transparent leadership

Lyman's choice for lieutenant governor brings expertise in election security, promising transparency. You can read her op-ed in the Deseret News.

9. Entrepreneurial spirit

Phil's entrepreneurial journey began at 11 with his own lawn mowing business.

10. Athletic achievements

As a former high jumper in high school track, Phil's top jump was 6 feet 6 inches.

11. Standing for freedom

Lyman will block efforts to limit liberty in the name of climate change.

12. Taking a stand

Sponsoring a bill to censure Sen. Mitt Romney in 2020 showcased Lyman's bold political stance on the impeachment of former President Trump.

13. Outdoor enthusiast

Bulldozing is one of Phil's favorite pastimes.

14. Putting Utah first

Lyman will never let special interests, elites, the UN, or foreign nations dictate what happens in Utah.

15. Defending children

Lyman will stand up for all children to protect them from the woke agenda.

16. Hidden talents

Phil's secret talent is juggling.

17. Land conservation

Lyman pledges unwavering support for preserving access to public lands.

18. Medical freedom

Lyman co-sponsored a bill opposing vaccine passports.

19. Housing solutions

Lyman will address the housing crisis using free markets, limited regulation and low taxes.

20. Second Amendment defender

Lyman's legislative efforts expanded Second Amendment rights with HB507 Firearm Possession Revisions.

21. Fiscal responsibility

Lyman vows to reject federal funding that conflicts with Utah values.

22. Campaign spirit

Lyman's campaign has flags and ATV rides.

23. No political pandering

Phil will never drink champagne with Joe Biden.

24. Land rights advocate

Lyman pledges to fight federal overreach regarding land management and jurisdiction.

25. Personal preferences

Phil's favorite treat is dark chocolate.

26. Culinary expertise

Phil says his barbecue rub is "best in the state!" His recipe is a must-try. Check it out below!

27. Men and women

Lyman believes in the inherent differences between men and women, and therefore…

28. Protecting girl's rights

Lyman will not veto bills protecting our daughters' right to play girls' sports.

29. People over profit

Prioritizing Utah families, Lyman pledges to represent the interests of ordinary citizens over billionaires.

30. Educational journey

Phil is a former BYU football player who also has a master's degree from the University of Utah.

31. Evident values

Phil named his dog Liberty, which underscores his commitment to freedom.

32. Tax reform

Lyman's plan to lower taxes includes eliminating the grocery sales tax, eliminating tax on Social Security benefits and stabilizing property taxes, meaning you'll pay tax based on the value at the time of purchase or refinance.

33. Principled leadership

Lyman respects personhood, parenthood, and statehood, and stands up for all three.

34. Steadfastness

Lyman will stand up against federal overreach even if it means going to jail for it, which he did.

35. Defining principles

Lyman's unwavering commitment to Utah's sovereignty and individual freedoms defines his candidacy.

To learn more about Utah governor candidate Phil Lyman, visit

Phil's BBQ Rub Recipe

¾ Cup Sugar

½ Cup Brown Sugar, dried out. Be sure to break up clumps, into powder form

½ Cup Paprika

⅓ Cup Onion Salt

¼ Cup Lawry's Seasoned Salt

¼ Cup Chili Powder

3 Tablespoons Ground Pepper

2 Tablespoons Beef Bouillon Powder

2 Tablespoons Garlic Salt

2 Tablespoons Celery Salt

1 Tablespoon Lemon Pepper

2 teaspoons Dried Mustard

1 teaspoon Allspice

1 teaspoon Ground Ginger

½ teaspoon Garlic Powder

½ teaspoon Ground Celery Seed

½ teaspoon Cayenne Pepper

Directions: Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl and then store in a large spice container. The rub is great on pork ribs, pork tenderloin, pork chops and chicken.

To learn more about Lyman's campaign, visit

PAID POLITICAL AD: 35 things to know about Phil Lyman who wants to be Utah's next governor (2024)


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