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  • Kent Record Courier obituaries and death notices. Remembering the lives of those we've lost.

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  • Bissler & Sons, honoring your loved ones with loving services including obituaries. Search here to find Kent and Ravenna Ohio obituaries.

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  • Find the latest obituaries from The Record-Courier. Stay informed and honor the lives of those who have passed. ✓ Get the latest updates.

  • Find the latest obituaries from The Record-Courier. Stay informed and honor the lives of those who have passed. ✓ Get the latest updates

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  • Create a personalized Kent Record-Courier obituary and see the costs for publishing in the newspaper. Easily submit your obituary today with our simple ...

  • Create a personalized Kent Record-Courier obituary and see the costs for publishing in the newspaper. Easily submit your obituary today with our simple online form.

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Kent Record Courier Obituaries (2024)


Why are some obituaries not published? ›

Obituaries are not required by law , so the deceased's family might have chosen to forego publishing one. Publishing an obituary can be expensive , and the funds may be unavailable. The deceased has few family members or friends , so there might have, unfortunately, been no need for an obituary.

How do I find a local obituary? ›

Many funeral homes publish obituaries on their websites. These can usually be located with a Google search on the person's name. Local genealogical and historical societies, public libraries, and some newspaper publishers maintain clipping files of obituaries.

How to find old obituaries in Ohio? ›

  1. Ohio Obituary Index at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library.
  2. Ohio Genealogical Society Obituary Index at Ohio Genealogical Society.
  3. Ohio User-Contributed Obituaries at Genealogy Buff - index and abstracts.
  4. 1795-2021 Ohio Newspaper Archives, 1795-2021 at GenealogyBank.
Apr 12, 2024

Do obituaries list cause of death? ›

Some people choose to include cause of death, but this is optional depending on how much information you would like to share.

Why does it cost so much to put an obituary in the newspaper? ›

Why does it cost so much to post an obituary? Publishing an obituary in the newspaper is expensive because of the limited space papers have. Newspapers value every inch of each page, so they must charge to use that limited space for an obituary.

How to find out if someone has died? ›

There are several ways to do this:
  1. A General Search: To start a general inquiry, collect any identifying information about the person you believe to have passed. ...
  2. Obituaries: Online obituary finders — like for example — will reveal recent as well as historical deaths.

Can I view death certificates online for free in Ohio? ›

Free; Ohio Death Index: Index of deaths from the Ohio Department of Health in Columbus. Also available on, free at FamilySearch centers. Free; Ohio Public Records Index: Index of death certificates from the Ohio Department of Health, prepared by the Ohio History Connection.

Are obituaries required in Ohio? ›

In OH, there is no legal mandate to publish an obituary in a newspaper when someone dies. The official state paperwork is a death certificate, which is filed with the state's office of vital statistics by a medical certifier or a licensed funeral home director, not by the family of the deceased individual.

What should you not put in an obituary? ›

In most cases, obituaries do not include the names or nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, or in-laws unless they were close to the deceased. Grandchildren are sometimes listed but often numbered instead (…he leaves behind 5 grandchildren).

What does it mean when a name is in parentheses in an obituary? ›

If you like to be technical, names should be listed as follows: first name, spouse's first name in parenthesis, then surname (ex: Tom (Sarah) Johnson). If the spouse or partner's surname is different, include their surname in the parenthesis along with their first name (ex: Tom (Sarah Williams) Johnson).

What do you call unmarried couples in an obituary? ›

How do you refer to an unmarried partner in an obituary? Typically, an unmarried partner is referred to as a spouse or simply as a partner. You can also list them as a surviving relative if you feel it's appropriate. The goal is to list them in a way that best reflects the relationship they had with the deceased.

What does it mean if the cause of death is not in the obituary? ›

It could also mean that the writer of the obituary could think of no more tactful way to put the tragedy into words. Whatever the possible reason, remember to tread lightly if you are thinking of asking.

Can an obituary be removed from the internet? ›

News Sites & Obituaries: Reach out to the websites or publications directly to request the content's removal.

Who typically writes an obituary? ›

While there are no rules when it comes to who writes the obituary, they're typically written by family members or close friends. When a loved one passes, the family usually decides who will write it based on their relationship to the deceased or writing ability.

Why is the obituary read at funeral? ›

Obituaries are used to tell the guests and anyone who may be present at the funeral who your loved one is. It is a chance for you to tell the story of your loved one's life. It is a big honor to be able to write a eulogy.


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